Fred is a versatile technology entrepreneur, lawyer, inventor, and former platoon commander, with an intuitive market vision, and strengths in various tech stacks, business, corporate law, and finance.

Before founding, a video technology company in 2014, Fred practiced law in the areas of financing, technology, intellectual property, securities and mergers and acquisitions at Stikeman Elliott and Osler. He is also the Founding Partner at blue HF, a successful boutique business law firm located in Montréal (Canada) which specializes in corporate, commercial and transactional legal services to VCs, SMEs and startup companies, with a focus on software technologies.

Aside from being deeply immersed in technology and law from an early age, Fred also served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Royal infantry officer and platoon commander between 1992 and 1996.

Fred is passionate about blockchain technologies and open source software and their promise to change the web for what it was really supposed to be: a truly decentralized and transparent network of information and value.