The Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) will make billions of hours of video available online, including live broadcasts and digital experiences, interactive, shoppable, chat-able, customizable, real-time editable, monetizable, poll-able, actionable, clickable, expandable and searchable.

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A Circular and Incentivized Economy

The IVEP’s economy will be tokenized and centered around dubtokens.

 A dubtoken is a multi-faceted unit of account offered to members of the IVEP Association with various utility, consumptive, trust, governance, transfer, growth incentive and loyalty attributes.

Customer Experience is the New Battlefield

Smarter Audience Engagement.

Encouraged. Measured.

Verified. Rewarded.

Developers and designers build interactive features.

Creators and publishers display engaging, dynamic experiences.

Advertisers and retailers measure real time, verified engagement metrics.

Audience members discover richer and more relevant experiences.

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Some of our Retail Partners

The foregoing brands are either connected to the dubcandy app (which will be the first app connected to IVEP), have worked or are currently working with dubdub. Unless otherwise specified on this site, no such brands are making any endorsements with respect to the dubtoken TDE.

Who We Are

Our Advisors

We work with dozens of industry experts who bring tremendous value to IVEP and its participants.

Our Team

Our Technical Partners


We work with dozens of industry experts who bring tremendous value to IVEP and its participants.

The IVEP is the Future of Online Video and Audience Engagement

dApp Store

Software developers and designers will offer a vast array of new interactive features through verified applications and services published on the protocol’s decentralized App Store.

Developers and Designers

Software developers and designers will be highly incentivized by IVEP to create thousands of free and paid apps, templates and services that can be used on the protocol by content creators, publishers, advertisers and retailers.


Interactive experiences require original, high quality content. IVEP rewards good quality and automates reporting and payment of royalties among rights holders, whether engagement results from an ad-supported or a subscription-based model. Creators with high trust and engagement scores will be further incentivized through the protocol.


A better discovery experience for end-users will lead to more engagement and thus more options to monetize billions of hours of video content. This will significantly increase revenue for online publishers. Publishers with high trust and engagement scores and those who reward their audience the most, will be further incentivized through the protocol.

Advertisers / Retailers

IVEP creates a transparent and secured layer for the real time reporting of real-human engagement metrics and allows brands and retailers to increase ROI and their online sales with native video content. IVEP creates a new engagement and performance standard for ad-supported content distribution models.


Video is the most engaging medium online but it has mostly offered, until now, the same static experience to all end users. IVEP introduces interactive layers that overlay smart objects on top of existing video content to make it a dynamic and real time customizable experience for every single end user. This also applies to live video broadcasts.


The protocol’s API and SDK make Artificial Intelligence an excellent candidate to propel interactive experiences to the next level of smarter human engagement for web 3.0. The next generation of video news reporting (CNN 2.0) or video editing applications might well be fully automated and run with IVEP and AI.


In phase 2 of its deployment, IVEP will also empower the next generation of digital experiences created with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems. These systems are well suited to create better interactive user experiences and bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.


The Human Proof Score is unique to IVEP. It captures and measures the interactions of each IVEP identity and determines how likely the controller of the ID is to be a human or a bot. HPS directly influences the remuneration of each IVEP ID for engagement. It is a game changer for ad-supported content distribution models. The protocol will incentivize good behaviour and penalize cheaters.


Creating a better experience for the audience is in everyone’s best interest. Audience members will be able to enjoy IVEP enabled interactive content without the need to register with IVEP. But if they register with IVEP, they will be rewarded with dubtokens for engaging with publishers of interactive content and also in their capacity as content screeners and verifiers. Smarter audience engagement will lead to bigger token rewards.